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welcome to the toothcarp 

What is the toothcarp  Webring ?

The toothcarp Webring is a collection of web sites which are mostly  devoted to livebearers . The sites may refer to tropical or cool water aquariums The sites are linked together so that you may reach any site on the ring from any other site on it. When you've visited all the sites in the ring, you will wind up back where you started, kind of like making a big circle, hence the term "Webring".

For more information on Webrings or to find Webrings devoted to other topics, visit the Webring home page at

How to Join

If you want to place your site on the toothcarp Webring, read ALL of the instructions before beginning, and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1 - Is your site eligible for membership?

Make sure that your site is eligible for membership in the toothcarp Webring by checking that it meets the following guidelines:
 your site must be devoted to livebearers or leaning towards livebearers
Although I am one of those "free speech" advocates, the toothcarp Webring is listed as a Ring for any age group, so your site must be suitable for children as well as adults.
Step 2 - Read the rest and join the Ring

Read the rest of the steps, fill out the following form. You'll receive email confirmation shortly after this is completed, as well as be linked to a page with your site ID. Write down your site ID - you will need it to access your place on the ring if you have to change any information about your site!

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