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Neoheterandria elegans


is a very small livebearer which can reach up to 2cm for males and 2.5 for females with beautiful markings which give it s common name of tiger teddy  

it comes from the Rio truando which is a part of the Rio atrato in Colombia where the temp can get to 30c at times but I have found that it is fine in a tank of 24*12*12 at 24c and it is best to have the tank heavily planted and some mulm in the bottom of the tank as the fry are small (but the tank must be clean at all times) a pH between 6.0-7.5 is fine as long as extremes are avoided temp between 24-28c is fine food crushed flake ,baby Bs ,vinegar eels ,microworms Neoheterandria is a fish well worth looking for and keeping you should be able to get some at auctions and specialist shops or livebearer groups