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It is Show time

How do I get my fish there? I transport my fish in the container it will be shown in I make sure the top is sealed tightly and then seal with black tape and place in a carrying case. I place towels and a piece of polystyrene between tanks to darken them and this will keep the tanks from being damaged this also helps reduce stress and helps keep the heat in. This is doubly important if you are going along way to a show. You will have to find what works best for you and your fish. I am going to assume that you have read the rules of your society or association and understood them donít guess if you are not sure ask someone. Most people do not feed their fish for one or two days before the show .The reason for not feeding is looks and pollution If you have waste Matter in the bottom of the tank and wish to remove it use a small eyedropper.

Gravel is also an option. Donít put it in tanks used for transport has it can damage The fish, If you wish to use it carry it separate Sometimes it can help a nervous fish if the bottom is covered with gravel and remember only natural coloured gravel is allowed. An alternative is to put black tape or paint the underside of the bottom of the Container again read the rules for each show and be sure to keep your containers free of dirt and spots or streaks. The judge will notice I use an aquarium glass cleaner for the containers a few days before using them. Neatness really does count and at the show 1 point can make the difference. The first thing to do on arrival is to check your fish and register your fish, if Possible have an entry form filled out if not have a list of all Latin names and class numbers for your entry form these will be in the schedule. Every Tank must have a sticker with the name of the fish and spawning date for breeders teams under the f.s.a.s it must be the fishes Latin name.

Do the best you Can and try to be as organized as possible or you will be there a long time and remember to take as much care taking them home as you brought them. And if possible do not always take the same fish to the shows give them some rest it is for you own benefit as well as the fishes and donít take heavily pregnant female livebearers as they may drop fry or worse abort them

Lists of things I try to take to a show are listed below I hope it helps

1.small net 2.a small tub 3.eyedropper 4 pen and paper 5 fish bags 6.small towel 7. Extra stickers 8 some aquarium water

Michael Doherty