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                                            fry food

green water 

(egg layers only)

often considered unsightly it is great for very small fry                       how to get some going leave a tank full of water outside or near a good light source and it will come on it's own but remember not to leave a tank full of water outside in the winter or you will be looking for a new tank


(not for most livebearers)

there is many ways to start a culture but the one I am most aware of is to fill a gallon jar with old aquarium water and add a bit of branched lettuce and leave it for a week then put some in a bottle up to the start of the neck then put a bit of filter wool and then put a inch of fresh water on top of the wool and leave for a few hours then siphon the top off and feed the fry

vinegar eels

(for all)

I use a mix of 50% cider vinegar and 50% water in a coffee jar and I put in a couple of bits of peeled apple then put in a dark place but don't use for three weeks as it gives it a chance to build up once going it is easy to keep going as all you do is add a piece of apple now and again and it is always there in an emergency                      how to harvest? I dip a piece of filter wool in the culture then squeeze the the wool to remove the liquid then dip it in the tank

micro worm

(for all)

there are probably more ways of doing these as there is micro worm in a tub here is the one I use mix some oats in with water until you get a nice paste (neither to wet nor to dry) add your starter then place some headless match's on top of the paste leave for a few days and then dip a match in to the tank of fry or small fish then replace your cultures about every 2 weeks