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Free  food

In spring and summer there is plenty of live foods which you could be used in the aquarium for getting your fish into shape for breeding.  All you need is a 10-inch net a wooden pole and a jubilee clip and a bucket with a lid and then stick the net on to the pole using the clip and your are ready all you need now is a pond. But make sure that there is no fish in it as you donít want to bring disease in to your tanks so why take chances and try not to bring in snails (you really donít want snails, trust me)

Be prepared to answer questions, as people will be curious about what you are doing And remember not to put too much in the bucket the food can die off in the bucket, so what can you get?

Daphnia or the water flea and lots of it all fish love it and you can also set-up a tub in the garden as a culture and then you will have it when you need it.

Cyclops a small crustacean more numerous in the warmer weather but also can be found in the colder weather

Bloodworm a great food for adult fish which can be found all year round at the bottom of the pond and even rain-barrels

Glass worm its not a worm but a cousin of the bloodworm a great food for adults but they will eat fry and best found in the summer and autumn

Mosquito larvae or black worm for adults but not for fry as they will be attacked and remember those not eaten will become mosquitoes and then you become the meal or the wife finds out J

And for large fish there is all ways the water boatman and other beetles but always wash and check for nastiest before you put any food in your tanks if in doubt then don't put it in your tanks

Also for free or nearly free are white worm, micro worms, grindel worms, vinegar ells, Earthworms (whole or chopped), Beetles (for bigger fish ),and of course the food from you kitchen with in sensible limits

frozen foods

clams, prawns, fish, crabmeat, mussels, whelks, 

remember they must be thawed first


 clams, prawns, fish, crabmeat, mussels, whelks, peas, potato, 

remember to wash off any juices 

raw foods 

chicken ,beef ,lettuce, spinach and any of the above but any vegetable must be blanched first just pour boiling water over them                remember to wash the food first


any of the above but remove them from the cooking process before adding spices or salt

experiment with foods but make sure that they have no fat or disintegrate  into mush