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what are the benefits of joining a fish club

the benefits are quite numerous its not possible to list them all as the more you put in to the hobby the more you are likely to get out of it but here are a few which every member of a club will get

  1. access to the knowledge and experience  of everyone in the club

  2. access to the info about the hobby like when the shows are

  3. access to speakers who are quite experienced

  4. access to breeders stock with in the club 

  5. access to rare fish from people in the club who specializes in a certain type of fish i.e. livebearers or killies or cichlids  and so on

these are just a few benefits of joining a club don't be put off by thinking that you are not an expert in keeping fish there are no experts in any fish  club just people with a little more experience then you and willing to teach you all that they know and they may learn something off you