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for the people who are starting out on Fishkeeping the best advice that I can give is join a local aquarium club the best place to find one is to ask at your local fish shop or get one of  the aquarium magazines  sometimes they have details of clubs

club fee's are around 5.00 - 20.00 per year and  most clubs will let you attend 1 or 2 meetings before requiring you to join and the benefits are well worth the effort of finding a club

it is one thing trawling the net looking for info but the people most experienced with your water\fish problems are people that stay in your area and have local experience\knowledge and you should always  take info from the net with a pinch of salt  even what is on this site this is mostly my own experiences  what works for others  might not work for you or me for that matter there are every few right ways to keep fish and plenty of wrong ways


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